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Originally Posted by SEALs View Post
funny to see that now our currency is worth as much as the USD yet our price havent been lowered. I have a hard time trying to figure out the 900$ difference in price range.
They charge it because they know damn well we'll pay it - what other choice do we have? We're lucky its not twice as much as it is now! You can't fault them for doing so, either. This is how capitalism works, it thrives on opportunity.

If you want the prices to come down, we need the sport to grow. That way there'll be a bigger market, and the bigger the market the more competition will be economically possible - thus lowering the prices. When you move a relatively low volume of stock you have to keep your prices high to remain profitable. It's just the way the system works, guys.

So invite your friends to be a part of airsoft. Spread the word. People telling you that airsoft growing is a bad idea are fuckin' retards.

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