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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Has this happened to anyone else before?

I have a shipment from Scarecrow shipped this monday with Expedited post. And it says that it's been accepted at the post office on that day.(Standard delivery time is 7 days). So it's been 5 days now and it still says it's only been accepted at the post office.

A bug? or has anyone else experienced this before?

I've started to have a lot of problems with Canada post nowadays. They don't knock on the door and just leave the "Please pick ur stuff up" sheet on my door knob and just leave. Once before I've even seen one of them just leave the stuff right under the stairs, left it there, and didn't even bother to knock.
hey i think we have the same mailman. he constantly leaves stuff out in the open porch for all to see if there is no one to answer the door. some times he just presses the door bell once, puts the parcel on the ground and leaves without waiting for me to open up.

dont worry about the tracking...ironically, CP tracking=no tracking. the next thing you know, it will be at your door and CP's tracking will still show "Item accepted at Mississauga"
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