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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
I just stated the fact that you will probably have to replace the mechbox shell or some other internals in a couple of games (like the mechbox shell of my bro mp5 that broke in half after 2 games).

The mp5 is not full metal by the way... most of the front is made of plastic (cocking tube, outerbarrel, flash hidder etc...) but the lower receiver, grip etc... are full metal (more like really fragile pot metal).

Have fun disassembling the gun
I have an jg mp5 navy and I can say that the body isn't cheap at all. Solid metal no doubt about it. Not a lot of plastic parts, the gun is WAY more solid than my Tm M4a1. Believe me JG did their homeworks with the time and now they are producting really good products. Everyone that was at action commando this week to try them were not disapointed, a lot were really impressed.
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