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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Here's the problem, I come on my info in somewhat of a parallel path when minors injure themselves while performing risky activities.

As it's been put to me, parents cannot act for their children in legal matters such as a lawsuit. There is a risk that if you attempt to settle before the child reaches the age of majority they could upon reaching legal adult status choose to sue again for further damages if it could be shown that the parents hadn't acted in their best interests.

So lets say a minor is sponsored into a game by an older relative in good standing. The minor breaks a leg or looses an eye. Years later as this gnaws away at them till they decide it's time for a payout. At that point anyone who organized or sponsored an event or was even on the ground that day will be in the lawyers gunsights.

There's 50 year olds who act like spoiled brats so I'm told but since they're of legal age they can do what they want. If you haven't reached legal age then your options are limited.

+1 for truth. I believe what you may be trying to get at is that a minor can not be kept in a contract that is not for necessities. Anything a minor signs is worth *drum roll* Jack-all.
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