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even though I figure I am some where around $10000. I don't think airsoft is that expensive, I guess it isn't like soccer. But I used to be on the national track team and I would get a new bike each year if not 2 at $6000 minimum. Plus travelling across NA. I find airsoft quite reasonable.

I also feel that you tend to go and blow your wallets load when you are new just to look at that shit a year later and think... why did I buy this.
IE I have a set of NVGs I bought when i first started... I may use them once a season but i just had to have them when I started.. now I would never buy a set. Plus I am finding the more years I play the more refined my playing style gets there fore I don't experiment with equipment anymore.

Before I bought my CIRAS I bought 3 other vests... each hangs in my airsoft closet now never to be used again.
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I swear, I didn't find out about it till I got home from bangin' little miss rotten-crotch!
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