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Hmmm, don't really wanna add up my stuff.

TM AUG - 5 mags, Systema M120, Systema spring guide, G&P metal hopup
TM P90 - 4 mags
TM Desert Eagle Hardkick - 1 mag
KJW P229 - 2 mags
KJW G23 - 3 mags
Oversized double rifle case
Simple vest
Better vest with water pouch in the back
Camo pants and jacket
5 or 6 bags of BB's, BB loader
Digital smart charger
2 8.4v mini batteries
Recent aqusition still in the mail: Madbull Chrony

Probably a few other things. And that's since last January :P

Airsoft Sales and Repair/Upgrade Services
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