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Originally Posted by kos View Post
I Think I'm at 4.5-5k. God damnit...
well you can take off ~$300 after i buy your MK23, and then add that 300 to my wallet. Im at $1000 if you add up everything airsoft related i own. I still have to buy a case for my M14 and more mag pouches for my vest, as well as a scope mount. thats just the bare necessities! I still have to buy kos's pistol, which will add another 300 to my bill and then i gotta upgrade that and my M14! and dont even get me started on the Tanaka Mauser Kar98k that i want to buy... =(
Of course that was from xmas money, as well as some of my own, plus a few gifts (2 mags and a charger)
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