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What about 100+ rounds with a 12-guage? (He's got me with the .22, I'll admit. but I usually win when we do clays )

Thanks for the wise words of wisdom. I wasn't sure about legal guardian definition, so thanks for clearing that up. And I guess I'll wait till he's 16, then drag him and dad along to 16+Guardian OK'd events. For now we'll keep playing up north. BTW, there is no rule against my doing small games in secluded northern locations and letting him play, is there?
If you're playing on your own property, all good. You do what you want on your own land. If you're on someone else's land, get permission. Written permission is a good idea. In any case, make sure everyone around knows what you are doing, so as to avoid any accidents with passer by's who could get in your lines of fire or mistake your airsoft guns for real guns.
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