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Take a look at the list in my signature block. All these guns were accquired since October, and totals around $3300 or so. That's not counting all the loadout gear (full CADPAT loadout including real CF kevlar helmet), accessories (batteries, sights, spare mags), cases, holsters, parts and upgrades (new AEG internals, C8 metal body, metal slides, tightbore barrels, pistol performance upgrades), etc I've bought. Those add on another $1500 easily.

However, now that I have all these great guns, I don't see myself getting anything else for a while except an Mp5 of some sort. I want that for collection purposes, mostly, as I don't think I'll ever need a CQB gun for actual gaming - at least not regularly.

Otherwise, I don't plan on getting another loadout other than my CADPAT TW. I have the full loadout now and I'm ready to hit the field for my first game.

But you never know what impulse buys I may end up with in the future from our classified section. That's been a real killer on my wallet.
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