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hitman, remember me talking about you reading more and posting less?

Thanks Surebet.
and as Surebet guardian.. no older brother/sister/cousin,etc.

Ok.. as
1. Ontario host
2. Ontario player

what happens in other places is all nice and dandy, but where this player lives the hosts who run games publicly on these boards all appear to run the 18+ policy. we will be having a roundtable discussion tomorrow in fact in regards to game rules so no doubt the matter will be mentioned.

I don't have a hate on for -18. Though I get really freaking tired repeating the same thing over and over again.
1. legally responsible (18+).
2. Adults wanting away time from the kids.
3. Because I said so. (you tweens or whatever the current name for teenagers are these days should recognize that one...)

When a person becomes 18 I will gladly allow them to a game, and as long as they are safe, honest and responsible player they will be welcomed back. but until that time no.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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