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airsoft adds up pretty dam fast

so i went over all my bills on this sport. i just got into the game on november I bought my gun on january. soi guess you could say i started buying all this stuff on january 1st

here are all the things i purchased in the last 25 days.

CA G36 with no stock internals, ( gun was used but purchased from a very good friend of mine, if i have any issues with the gun he will help me out as much as possible. Paid: 1000.00 CDN

cadpat tw vest Paid 60.00 CDN

case for gun Paid 50.00 CDN

TM Sig p226 with holster Paid 300.00 CDN

sling for gun ( purchased at XT ) 60.00 CDN

issue BDU Cadpat TW 200.00 CDN

magwell conversion wth 10 KA metal m16 mags Paid: 230.00 CDN

odds and ends to maintain gun Paid 150.00 CDN ( this is everythign from tools to grease to replacement screws and springs)

so far TOTAL: 2050.00 CDN

the sad part is, i already have another order going out for add ons for my vest as well as other mods and extras like chargers and another battery etc...

im guessing ill spend around 3000.00 CDN by the end of this month...

expensive to get into, but once you have the stuff. its ot to bad....
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