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Ages, etc. - sorry to bring this up again...

So after much reading, I've come up with this: Everyone on ASC hates anyone who isn't 18 yet. It's a blanket statement, and yeah there are exceptions, etc etc. I come from a family where responsible use of firearms is taught alongside potty training. Personally, I can't remember not using guns. That being said, I am now 18, and so above the automatic flaming for being a minor (but still open to it if I'm an ass - I know) BUT have a younger brother who is looking into the sport. He is currently 15. (16 in August). My questions are as follows:

Who constitutes a legal guardian? Somehow I doubt an older sibling qualifies, but hey, here's hoping.
Furthermore, although the seeming minimum age for participation in SOME airsoft games seems to be 16, is that an absolute?
I really want to get him out to some bigger games at some point, especially since I'm organizing less and less of my own. Is there any way I could do that?

Now, before you immediately respond that clearly he's still in Kindergarten, I'd kindly ask you to offer useful advice that I can use. If you feel compelled to point out that "he's way too young, period!" then please refrain from any derogatory phrasing of that statement. I'm not here to get my ass flamed off, I'm just an older brother who wants to keep a family member and familiar teammate involved.

Thanks! And sorry for my wordiness.

p.s. He does have some experience in airsoft already, but not at any "official" events. I can explain more if necessary.
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