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Store is almost complete..have my t-shirts, cards and promo made up, almost all a go...awaiting 2 more orders and more comes in by the day. Ive got the shop pretty much built and ready to rock.....

after lots of red tape with my business license i am now a legit functioning 100% Airsoft store. my insurance, bank accounts and POS machines are now active. memberships and games as well as hiring REF's and Actors are already happening. I have stock of REDWOLF, AIRSOFTPARTCANADA,METAL TECH,REDDRAGON,CROWN SURPLUS,911SUPPLY and other local distributers. I also have 3 home best entrepreneur company working with the store.

Calcity will be offering three levels of training to Airsofters as we have acquired a company training program through a training school (majorleugedoorkickers)

Calcity Also has a gunsmith onsite and can do all repair, upgrade and maintenance to your guns not just for albertans but all across Canada. if you need gunsmithing send your gun to the store, the rate is 20$ hr plus shipping costs. (we deal with UPS but something else can be arranged if needed)

Today we purchased a Hummer H2 and we will be offering shuttle service to and from games in the Hummer and Infiniti SUV. I am taking these trucks into trimline this weekend to do the calcity decals on the side...and both the trucks have an entertainment package with TV screens, stereos, GPS and cold bottled water all around. The Hummer i can take 6 people and the infiniti I can take 3 4 people with gear as we are mounting plastic trucks racks on the roof with styraphome cut outs for the rifles on transport...frees up some room and gives you a nice relaxing drive wherever to and from the games. especially while you are watching Platoon / full metal jacket / Jarhead , we were soldiers, etc... both vehicles are fully loaded leather and heated seats with a built in Battery charger for Airsoft Batteries.

I hope everyone comes to see the hard work people in the community put into this thing and see how much help I had from airsofters around the country. I also got my smoke and flare order in today and Im really excited about not having grenades that are the size of toasters, and will fit into a pouch.

Is kickass one word or two?

PS- our 2 new store slogans are "dead man walking" and "what did you do this weekend?"
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