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BTW, this is what I was referring to:

"Okay since you like to debate put it this way Rusty.

1) ASC is our house, therefore our Rules apply
2) If you cannot be bothered to follow our rules, then please kindly stop visiting and go to they have some free games for you to play that are fun.
3) No one was threatening, they were explaining our rules. Please respect that, we get 100's of people on here who do not. Don't agree with that then tough.
4) Who gives a shit how old you say you are, till you meet up with one of our designated Age Verification reps in person to gain access to our buy/sell sections for all we care you are 2.
5) I am in a position to say this as I am an age verification rep, and one of the moderators for this site.

Don't moderate like a moron and you won't be called a moron.

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