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A sad ending...

Hey guys.

Some of you might remember who I am. About 6 years ago I was hugely into airsoft. I regularly hosted games at Flag Raiders. A few years went by and I was still loving it when one day after visiting a friend to do some shooting. I had parked my car with my G36 in the trunk. I returned in one hour and bam. My driver side window was smashed. My deck, amp, sub and airsoft gun where gone.

Since that day my interest and motivation to continue with the sport dwindled. I just recently got back on the forum and am excited to get back into it.

I know it's unlikely anyone would know. But if someone has any knowledge of it whereabouts I would appreciate it. It happend in September of 2005.

I am also aware of how carefull you must be. The theifs probobly only wanted the stereo but got a bonus when they opened the trunk and saw the gun.


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