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I just wanted to be sure that you were aware of things like our legal position and explain why several people jumped on your when you said that it would be good to go public or to involve police in our age-verification system. As you can see, while at first thought, it doesn't seem to be a bad idea, once you look below the surface a bit, you realize it's not a good idea at all, and one to be avoided as much as possible.

And also, some people have no idea of the game of airsoft, and see these guns as nothing more than things to shoot recreationally with. I wanted to make sure that you understood that as well, and it seems that you do.

That being said, I'm a noob at this too. I started getting into airsoft last September (after 20 years of collecting and recreationally shooting other air guns). I've yet to participate in a game myself. But I am trying to make myself as useful a part of this community as I can, and plan on participating in as many games as possible this year. Hope that you can do the same.

So welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Sorry that your first experience was a bit rough. Many noobs get it like that, unfortunately. You just happened to hit some really sensitive topics with some of your posts and that tends to get people jumping on you, particularly if you're new.
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