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rustysdream it think your takeing it way out of context here.

we are trying to help with your question.
there is not reason to get upset.
the age thing is only for the used guns sales section on this websight.
it has nothing to do with you attending games and you don't need to be age verified to own a airsoft gun in cananda.
" you don't need a licence to own airsoft all you need is to be over 18 and prove it "
the airsoft comunity has been self policeing it's self form the start.
we just want to keep the gun's out of the hands of minors and this is one of the ways we do it. if we did not do this then any joe can come here say i am 18 and buy a gun bring it to shool get shot buy police and then our sport dies and no one can have a airsoft gun.

if you want to buy a airsoft gun someware off this websight throgh one of the candien retailers then buy all means go ahead.

the age thing only applys to this websight and that is all. it dose not apply to the sport as a whole or other retalers and how the sell there goods.

if you think that the prossess is stupid or you question it, that is your bissness but this is the way things are done here. we are not going to change it just for one person becuse he or she thinks it's stupid.
if you follow the rules then there is no problem.
if you don't then thats your bissness also we are not makeing you do so.
but if you want to see the sales section go see a local rep and be done with it.

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