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good, here's the spirit:
in the world of canadian airsoft it is seen as proactive and constructive to be willing to drive or travail to the closest available rep.
If you are lost in the middle of nowhere that sucks because you'll have to drive further to get verified.But if you do it you will be considered as a semi-god-hardboiled-badass on ASC, which is a good thing overall.

Who knows, you might even become the rep for your area, which will also give you the power to emasculate newbies and keep their AEGs after each game.

why Rusty you are misleaded, i think Aqua wasn't threatening you at all, he was just stating the facts.
you only make us verifiers thing "this guy isn't someone I want shooting at me".
he means 'shooting' in/during an airsoft game.something about trusting the people you play with to be good guys.

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