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I did not miss anything you said Rusty, and what I was going to bring up would only be an echo of what Jimski said.

What 'training' do we have to verify you? None. If you don't like it, then don't get verified, it's really quite simple. There is a process for THIS website and that's all there is to it.

Those of us who volunteer our time to go and meet people, are taking the time out of our days to do you a favor, that's it.

Some of the ASC verifiers make sure to spend a couple of hours with the person who they are going to verify to make sure they have a good attitude and aren't dip-shits. Others will check your ID, copy down your birthdate and get your ASC username. So by complaining that you shouldn't need to have one of us verify you (as it's seemed to when you read between the lines of your posts), you only make us verifiers thing "this guy isn't someone I want shooting at me".

Prove me wrong, ok?

I hope you're looking back wishing you didn't response, but it's too late. I'm quoting your own words. I can read between the lines too.
What on Earth makes you think that you can get away with threatening members? Does THIS web site support provocative behaviour shown by representatives?
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