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Age has nothing to do with more experience or more respect deserved or anything like that.

There are pricks that are 50 years old and there are pricks that are 20 years old.

To compare experience you would need to compare similar situations in one's life and you can't do just that so the fact that you're 53 and can shoot a real gun doesn't mean anything on here. Mostly that this is airsoft and this is the internet.

I hate it when people think that because they are older they should deserve more respect and prioritize over me or anyone younger. Age doesn't mean shit except the fact that you've spent more time alive than me. You may have lived more things than me but then again you may have not. Furthermore, the things you may have lived won't necessarily be related to my life. A war veteran isn't a better person than an accountant.

Sorry about the highjack, it just pisses me off to see things like that.
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