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Originally Posted by rustysdream View Post
Thank you for your quick reply.
I do appreciate all kinds of volunteer work but I can't think of any reason why to make the private purchase or sale of an air gun so difficult.
Because young kids that are under 18 and think they are 'Thug-G' from MTV-Raps will buy the guns and cause shit with them.

Originally Posted by rustysdream View Post
The person who can or will(???) qualify me is probably much younger than I am with a fraction of experience in target shooting.
You seem to think that you being older than myself has dick shit to do with this game of airsoft. So you can target shoot, good for you. I can pee in a straight line too. If you don't like the rules and regulations, keep to target shooting and leave airsoft well enough alone. It's not that difficult. We would typically expect someone of your age to understand this, and it must be a little embarrassing to be told all of this by someone who is LITERALLY half your age.
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