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Originally Posted by rustysdream View Post
Thank you for your quick reply.
I do appreciate all kinds of volunteer work but I can't think of any reason why to make the private purchase or sale of an air gun so difficult. The person who can or will(???) qualify me is probably much younger than I am with a fraction of experience in target shooting. Can't wait to see him/her...
People get real! We are talking about AIR guns!!!

it's nothing personal against anyone
it also has nothing to do with your skill with firearms or maturity
i am shure that you are all of age but we need to make 100% shure you are.
once that is done ( and only has to be done once in your life! )
then your set.

i sometimes sucks that the volunteers are not around sometimes.
you best bet is to email more than one and hope for the best.

but i agree that they should open up to get a few more age verifiers going becuse some of these old timers are not around much anymore.

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