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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
so that is not a myth... but why? doesn't he realize the trauma he's causing the people he hit . like the poor guy who got his with it. You know sitting in the dead zone (if i may take a page from T7's book):

Dead guy 1: Oh man i was sneaking up on the base when a sniper put a BB right in my back. I never new what hit me. Hey how about you?

Aqua's Victim (aka AV): Ummm i don't really want to talk about it...

Dead Guy 1: oh come on... it can't be that embarrassing. i mean we all get shot in the ass sometimes, we just dont like to admit it.

AV: ya well i got shot in the ass... with a giant dildo...

Dead guy 1: w--with what?

AV: A giant dildo. ok. i was sneaking up on some people and then i hear this load explosion and i turn around and see a giant dildo.

Dead guy 1: ...oh thats what that is

as funny as that would be, i couldn't imagine actually being hit by that. i dont even want to know what he uses for a dummy knife. what's next? anal bead nun-chucks?
As long as it doesn't enter the other guy's "portal", I'm sure it's not THAT traumatic. I mean shit, last year's Sniper Hunt, I dropped an unopened tampon off at each objective we took. We took their main base, I saw a couple dead guys off to the side waiting for us to leave, I tossed a tampon at them as well, the guys reacted like I tossed a lit grenade at them, I laughed. Then we were searching for the final objective, we passed their respawn point, three guys sitting in there, I went off the trail to give them one as well, was funny. Doubt that traumatized anyone though.
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