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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
Yes sir; I remember what you mentioned to me at the Boarder War game, and I'm going to check out that Laylax line when I order my next set of springs. However, I love the fact that I can crank back the 380% spring all day with out thinking twice, and everyone else seems to have problems doing it twice.....kind of gives you a God complex...

Good stuff, am sure you'd love them instantly. Was thinking about my recommendation when I was in the basement testing out more BB Bastard 0.30g for consistancy at 30ft (and hoping my M24 will settle down a bit, sometimes I get groups covered by a quarter, other times I get a flyer an inch one way or another, gun is getting used to it's new parts I guess) and picture this: Sitting on a couch with bipod on a shipping box, right elbow on right knee, can cock the gun that way easily, forearm and wrist only, and still getting around 500fps. That spring is like swinging a big ball peen hammer, not like pulling a 35lb draw bow back to shoot an arrow. That's how easy those springs are to pull back.
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