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Target: "HIT! Arghh right in the mouth, was that some sorta dummy grenade? whats it made out of? it was all fleshy and squishy and left a salty taste in my mouth,ugh....where did that come from?"

TokyoSeven: oooh...why do keep doing that?

Aquamarine:I like the shape of his mouth, plus he didnt call his last hit.

TokyoSeven: Down the path, two more to the east at about 80 meters.

Aquamarine:I see them *unzips*

TokyoSeven: That better be a squirel picking at my ass

Aquamarine: It isnt.

TokyoSeven: I hate you.

Aquamarine: I know.

TokyoSeven: Its called a razor, I recommend you try it.

Aquamarine: Shut up its not that hairy.

TokyoSeven: Compared to what? 60 Meters, they have seen us.

Aquamarine: Firing.

Guy 1: Arghhh uggllllleeeee........

Guy 2: what the hell? ahhhhh! uggggllleeeee



TokyoSeven:I'll be in the car.

Aquamarine: Ooh right, BBs first.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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