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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
My KJW M700 on a hot day (shortly after I got it) chronied it's first shot after a mag fill at 710fps with a 0.20g BB (I'd like to think that's over 500fps.) After three more shots it settled down to 550fps, leading me to realize the mags need to be dry fired 4x after filling with gas.

And I got my CA M24 to shoot one at 544fps last week, but I'd been working on getting my airseals and new parts settled in, so it's a bit over 500fps now.
Im with Stalker on this one, my M700s punched over 700fps a few times with a propane mag nice day, but thats always after a fresh fill, a few dry fires or just using duster keeps it lower.

Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Why was mine capable of firing at 560fps then? Not picking a fight, wondering 'wtf'? Is TokyoSeven correct in saying that my PSG can divide by zero?
Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
what have you done to your PSG to make it divide by zero? can you teach me to do the same thing? Can any gun be made to do that, or did you just warp time and space and created the ultimate PSG-1?

When Aqua pulls the trigger a small portal opens up infront of the barrel and the BB travels into it, and then at the same time a portal opens directly infront of his target and the BB exits on its mark, sometimes people still dont call their hit!

I find when you fire your PSG, I get turned on.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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