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Originally Posted by Firewalker View Post
The actual stalking aspect of sniping could be considered more difficult than real world sniping for the simple fact you have to get that much closer to the enemy to hit them. Within hearing range, never mind visual range. It's not like you're tagging a dude from 1000+ meters, you're tagging him from, in most cases, 100 meters.

It's hard to sneak up on someone that close. Unless you're a ninja... Then you've got it made.
....And that is the only real challange we face, as we are indeed limited in our overall effective range, and therefore face a harder challenge in this aspect. However, They have to work just as hard in the aspect that if they make the slightest mistake, it could cost them dearly (where as we just curse and laugh over a beer afterwords).

And BTW; I chrony 0.20's at 627 fps with my 380% spring....and apparently the guys at Arisoft Extreme (Sacramento) say that most of the American airsoft snipers use 0.02's at over 600 fps. Fun, yes....practical, I don't see how.... they (0.20's) loss velocity fast, and are affected by the slightest breeze, so how can the be really accurate at long range??


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