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FPS is a by-product of ALL those things. Higher fps will give the BB more strength out to a certain distance (range) before it starts to lose energy and the hop up effect takes over (and then becomes more sensitive to wind and air pressure changes). Tight inner barrel has the same effect on fps as good quality ammo (good ammo tends to be larger and more consistance for size), both will reduce the amount of air passing the BB and increase the velocity a bit. Good airseal as well will help increase velocity, as will good hop up rubber (hop up becomes an obstruction in the barrel which the BB has to push out of the way, reducing the velocity of the BB.)

Okay let me ask this 2 PSG 1's identical in every way but the spring 1 is 500fps and one is 300 firing in a controlled invironment will or do they have the same range and so on?
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