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Originally Posted by Firewalker View Post
My old boss at Ipsos Reid knew exactly what I did as I had to request a vacation slot of 1 week for Survivor 2. She asked why, I told her it what it was for and explained the sport in short. She thought it was kinda neat and approved my request. lol...

She was a pretty cool boss though.
What does Ipsos Reid do? Just those polls the news always talks about? Or do they do ... other stuff... ?

My boss is pretty cool with giving me time off for events and games. I've already booked the weekend in June for CANOP08, and the week of KS4 in case I can find a way out there...

I did get some looks when I was trying to explain Zeon's Zombie games of '07

"You need time off so you can do what? Kill zombies? What are you on Josh?"
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