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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
What I try to do (and this theory could change the world in other areas if implemented) is, During casual talk about hobbies/sports at work (I work with mostly women in social services...doesn't pay much but always being the only guy in the meetings...well ... a perk of the life....I digress)
in casual conversation I mention I "play a sport kinda like paintball" and take it from there stressing fitness, friendships, teamwork, tactical thinking and fun. 1 person at a time I am introducing this sport to them. It seems to be working, they ask how the big games went afterwards.

Same here. I've even got a couple people here thinking about coming out to a game come spring. Granted I don't work with mostly women... or... any women... on the night shift...

But the guys here seem to like seeing the pictures and hearing the stories... but for some reason they all seem to think BBs hurt or something...
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