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I think Canada in general has been way too isolated from the impact of violent crime and warfare in the past few decades. We've only seen it on tv or sent peacekeepers overseas (until Afghanistan of course) and when we did send troops we generally had no idea what they were doing on those missions. I think that has blinded many of us to the fact that some things are worth fighting for and that soldiers and law enforcement serve an important role in any society and are worthy of being role models for our children. Who among us didn't play war, cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians as kids? Why are we now airing 10 dozen different CSI television programs and half a dozen psychic murder investigator type shows? It's getting stupid.... It's ok to want to play CSI and solve murders but it's not ok to want to play SWAT team and prevent them or to pretend to be the soldier bringing democracy and freedom to a nation in strife??? Those soccer mom's should be damn happy that there are people in this world willing to stand up and put their lives on the line to ensure that the children of the future have the same rights and freedoms as their parents. And what's the harm if a few of us choose to emulate our heroes on occasion or offer our services as a safe training alternative for future soldiers / law enforcement officers? Maybe we're just looking too happy while doing so. What if we treated it more like a job or a social responsibility than entertainment? It's our job to help train the troops! Does that make it more socially acceptable?

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I've heard that doctors kill more people than guns do? Not sure if it's an urban myth or not, but malpractice is no laughing matter, although it's always ok to play doctor...

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