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Originally Posted by Firewalker View Post
the "Big City" is home to some of the biggest tree hugging hippie special interest groups I've ever seen.
You need to get out more.

And just so you know this is coming from someone who was born in Winnipeg, spent 30+ living there or in rural areas near Gimli & Brandon. There are people in TO who have never visited a farm, seen a hunter, spoken with someone in the military, etc. To them guns are bad, people that want guns are bad and you'd get a better reception if you whipped out a NAMBLA card and tried to sign them up (no shots at Toronto).

And to wrap up with my Grampa Simpson style annecdote, We used to play laser tag (23-30+ players in fatigues) inside the U of M University Center building spilling out into the connecting tunnel systems and across the road into the admin building without a raised eyebrow on weekends during the school year. I do doubt you could pull that one off now.
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