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What you need to get is

That the huge majority of people have no perception of "airsoft" neither good or ill. That condition is preferable over attention that will polarize their perception.

some kid shooting up the playground with one has no bearing on what we do.. as there are lots of laws to look after him. And people are quite willing to stare back at their Cherrios after hearing that the kid got busted and the world is safe again.

following up such a "negative" press story with one that shows the "positive" use of such items only serves to answer the question "oh so that's where this kid got the gun from" Even if that is far from the truth.

There is simply not enough positive press possible to counter the overall negative connotation of deriving fun from simulated murder.

We see what paintball did to "go mainstream" and that "sport" started with exactly the same goals as ours.. Simulated Firearm Combat and it has devolved to Tag at 60 paces dressed as a clown..

There are still lots of people who enjoy the Milsim aspects of "woodsball" but you don't see it on ESPN.

"airsoft" and "paintball" and "lasertag" are all exactly the same sport.. the only difference is the "tagger" used the "Sport" is not in any danger.. and is generaly accepted as a viable passtime.

Saying "Airsoft" is different than "paintball" is like saying Playing tennis with a red ball is a different sport than playing with a green one..

The sport is not in any danger.. it don't need saving...

access to our chossen Tagger is the only issue... and waving them around on TV or bringing public scrutiny to their existance is not condusive to continued access.

This is why in any of the media I have done or will do I am careful to never mention the word "airsoft"
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