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Ducky the GTA is notoriously "anti gun" due to the level of gun crime in the big smoke. I PM'd Jaa asking him to ask Morb, scarcrow, LD (forgot Poncho) how they would feel about this article. You all posted in here anyway.

I think from my perspective, out of 10 people who would see an artice,you might find 1 or 2 thats like "ya thats cool" to airsoft. The other 8-9 will be like the anti gun we are krazy killer weird peoples.

For the sake of advertising to the 1-2 I don't want another 8-9 soccer moms calling their MP's about johnny and his bb gun.

I apreaciate the idealism of "mainstreaming" airsoft (I am the king of idealism) unfortunatly as I age I see that that is false, some things cannot be "ideal" in life. Swaying our sport into mainstream life will not work. Guns are not socially accepted in our country (moreso in the big population centres i'd think)

Jaa I PM'd you with some suggestions and asked that you don't do it.

I hope you don't risk the happiness I get shooting the shit outa Memel, Zeon or a bunch of other turds I like to kill.
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