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Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
What do you call this then:

Your attitude is pretty negative, sometimes things can work out.
I'm thinking you don't know what you are talking about... I doubt there are many that has had more press relating to this activity done than me.

Made it on GLOBAL NATIONAL TV last year... that was broadcast Canada wide.. along with a piece in TORO magazine ( now defunct I think ) that had national distribution as well.

The opinion above is based on personal experiance from the outcome of dalliances with the press... It does not work.. it is a waste of time and won't achieve any useful effect.. Exactly as I was told by people more experienced than I.

Sure.. you can get a positive piece.. positive in the opinion of us.. but in the opinion of the MILLIONS of other people who see it.. and never knew we existed until they saw that piece.. we are nothing but a disturbing group of gun lovers... that they now know exist.

Because someone sees that the activity is "honour based" or "good exercise" and composed of "good people having good clean fun" will not counter the fact that we derive our fun from simulating one of the most horrifying aspects of life in the 21 century... Modern battle, to many people.. it is simply sick and devient behavior that should be stopped.

The people that see such items and say "gee that looks like fun" are far outnumbered by the people who think there is something very wrong with what we do.

Both those groups are (thankfully) far outnumbered by the majority that could care less either way.

The fact that that is "negative" does not make it any less true
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