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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Zeon you

I think before I'd offer up any interview material, I'd want to be provided with the questions up front. I would then clear the responses through the community. Just the way I roll.
Who moi? hehe

I'd also be interested to know the Editor's leanings on the matter... They have a great deal of control over what is reworked on the story after the fact. Also the paper is not under full control by the students running it (or it least it wasnt when I worked on that paper). I also appreciate Morb's response on clearing with the community the responses he would have to the questions. Thanks

Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
What do you call this then:

Your attitude is pretty negative, sometimes things can work out. I understand the overall perception that you are talking about, but the underground attitude wont cut it forever.
Ducky, you have to understand the attitudes towards the sport/hobby/game/community will be different from region to region. Centennial College is based primarly in Scarborough (part of Toronto). The attitudes expressed in Ontario and more specifically in the urban areas of southern ontario are greatly different than what you would come across in Manitoba. Brian has also been subject to direct dealings with the media and the community backlash from such dealings and is speaking from experience (Pretty sure he stated such on page one of this thread). The general consenous of the community on ASC has been to keep us underground. In Ontario we have even been told to stay out of sight by some officials (Sha Do has more direct info on that matter). When you have violent gun crime on a weekly basis people tend to view guns, toy or otherwise in the same category, and those weilding them in any manner as undesirable.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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