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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
guys, this is your chance to speak up and put airsoft in a more positive light
Been there done that.. no effect.. other than a crapstorm of epic proportions..

There is no way to put "airsoft" ( again what do you mean there.. the guns or the game?) in a positive light to the 99% of people who do not, can not, and will not understand why anyone would want to derive entertainment out of pretending to shoot people.

The best that anyone can hope for is that any media attention will result in more of the 1% that could get engaged in this activity find out about it's existance and come out.

I believe after my experiences with the press... and a couple of bloody noses from more senior members of this community who eventually managed to smack some sense into me.. that media attention does not serve the greater good of our chosen passtime.

It is a fruitless endeavor to attempt to sway public opinion into our camp.. face it, people like us.. who get enjoyment out of activities like this are not "normal" in the perception of the public at large it is disturbing.. and unsettling to the so called "soccer moms" ( who outnumber us about a million to one by the way) that we exist.. and they would rather be ignorant of our existance and remain blissfully embraced by their perception that violence does not exist in their world.

The least we can do is keep them blissfully unaware of our existance.. because.. they outnumber us A MILLION TO ONE

The best thing for our community is to keep it seperate and unknown to the wider public perception.. and keep gathering the "1 percenters" that get it to us by word of mouth.. and by sites like this one.

I'm not afraid of the media... and I'll talk to them and answer questions when asked.. but a PR campaign to "promote airsoft" is pointless and not to our advantage.
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