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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I like Macs since OSX. But it's funny how it seems to appeal to 2 opposite ends of the spectrum - the traditional professional role as high end media production computers,
It's funny, that role is exactly that -traditional. Now that macs are on intel platforms and more and more software is becoming available on linux platforms, *nix is being used more and more for multimedia.

Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
No, don't disable your AV.

This one appears to be a false positive, but there are plenty of malware apps sitting on insecure web pages or hosted up through banner ads and iframes. Dont EVER turn off your AV because a detection is inconvenient. In this case, it's a false positive but it could have just have easily been something nasty, especially given MS08-001 and the far-reaching consequences it presents.
I disable my AV now and then. Whenever I'm using my forensics or security tools I have to disable it, otherwise it has a shitfit. I rely more on my firewall's component control to detect malicious activity than on my AV software. It's also not really a problem to disable AV software when browsing legit sites, as long as you take precations in other areas (such as using alternative browsers, disabling embedded components, etc).

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