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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Not sure anyone else is getting this but every time I view a redwolf airsoft webpage my antivirus pops up and states:


Then asks me to quarantine, deny acces, or ignore. No matter what I do it still pops up on every redwolf webpage I go to when trying to view their catalog.

Any ideas?
Yea, same issue. It's not really a virus ATM. I just hit "deny access" and deal with it. If it bugs you that much, disable your AV while you're browsing Redwolf.

Now, about the Macs...

I love how *most* Mac users are stuck into a fantasy land where they think they can't get malware. The real reason (and the reason that no Mac user ever wants to admit) is that noone writting malware gives a shit about a OS that has less than 10% of the marketshare.

Here's something to think about though: In 2007, bugs and potential exploits found on Windows XP and Vista combined averaged 12 a month. Bugs and potential exploits found on OS X averaged 20 a month. Once more people start using Macs, believe me, there will start being a lot more malware for them. And considering Apple's "we're infallable sweep problems under the carpet" attitude, I would not want to to using a Mac. I've been running one version of windows or another since 1997. In that time, I have gotten one virus. They're not hard to avoid if the user isn't a retard.

Having said all of that, I primarily run Linux and use Windows for games

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