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JG HK 416 Review

Well jerk me off and call me Daisy. Could it be? Could it really be a review on ASC on the JG HK 416? Yup it is, you better gosh darn believe it is.

Allow me to start by saying that this is the first ever JG gun I have ever owned, the only guns I have actually ever owned are made by TM, KJ or KSC. So this is my first JG I have ever purchased for myself.

Let us start off with some basic info on the AEG.

-Full metal front end
-Full metal rails
-Five position 417 style extendable stock.
-Metal Gears
-Metal spring guide (unconfirmed as I have yet to open mechbox)
-A spring equivalent to an M120
-Polycarbonate piston (unconfirmed as I have yet to open mechbox)
-Metal bushings (unconfirmed as I have yet to open mechbox)
-Clone high torque motor
-Plastic body
-Shallow semi colored in HK trades
-Two small rings on either side of the barrel attached to the fore grip design for attaching a sling

What you should expect to receive when you purchase this gun brand new.
A custom 9.6 volt 1500 mAH battery
Orange flash hider cover
A high cap magazine
A simple wall charger.
A plastic tool for tightening the screw that attaches the rear sight
A packet of information on paper

Here is a quick simple picture.

Here is a quick youtube video, I apologise for the quality, it has been cut down a fair bit. Its also not narated by me, as it is the winter season I have lost my voice from coughing to much due to the flu so you will have to listen to someone else read a quick lame review. Yes it was hastily written and yes theres poor grammer and spelling, but I just wanna give you people the best, even if it sucks.

YouTube - Quick review

Well I hope that was quick and painless for you, because it wasnt for me, she could have used a little more enthusiasm and maybe not picked up the muther effffing gun by the mag and no I kid, she was reluctant but out of the two of us she could still speak. My throat hurts like hell right now...but thats what menthols are for. Back to the review.

As you can see there are HK trade marks on the plastic body and you can notice that there is a color difference between the front end and the receiver. The difference in color is also noticeable on the metal stock buffer tube of the stock.

The stock that comes with the JG HK 416 is decent; I believe it to be a HK 417 style stock. Please someone correct me on this if I am wrong. The stock itself is plastic with metal buffer tube, to access the inside and insert the battery; the user must depress 2 tabs on the back of the stock and push back and downwards to remove the rear piece of the stock. Once that has been removed it will expose the battery compartment and the connection to attach the battery.
Upon opening it the first time I felt almost as if I was going to snap off the two tabs removing the back piece, there is a certain trick to it that you get the hang of after a few attempts. Inside the gun is wired with a small male tamiya head that connects to a fuse compartment which would in turn lead down the buffer tube into the mechbox.

Here is an image of the JG style HK 417 stock compared to a Hurricane HK 417 style stock

The JG is on the left and the Hurricane is on the right. They are similar at a glance but upon closer inspection you will find that the Hurricane is of course of better quality.

To access the hurricane battery compartment all one has to do is give the back cover a medium forced tap at a 45 degree angle to remove the end piece, unlike the JGís where like I said previous, there are tabs to be pressed in and the butt piece of required to be pulled back and down at the same time. Both the JG and the hurricane come with 2 ways to mount a sling as you can see in the picture, as well both are 5 position stocks. My only beef with the JG is that the battery I received with the AEG does not fit in the stock. By this I mean, one side of the battery pack does not fit in the slot inside the stock that is supposed to house the battery. Meaning one side of my stocks battery insertion slots was smaller than the other. This could have been an oversight or just bad QC, itís hard to say. The battery received with the JG however fits very well inside my Hurricane stock. Without out trying to sound too pretentious we are talking about a JG and JGís are the Chinese clones of the Japanese TM. Even though the stock we are talking about isnít made by TM but I think you get my idea.

The JG HK 416 is a short gun, by that I mean its length from the tip of the barrel to the end of the stock with the stock collapsed is only 28 and a half inches. I have no idea of the real dimensions of an actual HK 416 but if it means that much to you Iím sure you can look that info up for yourself. The length of the AEG with its 5 position stock fully extended is 31 inches and a hair, and by hair I mean less than one centimeter. From tip of the flash hider to the reciever its about 12 inches, so Im assuming barrel length is about 10 inches.

From top to bottom TM M4 with CA stock and King Arms MRE, TM M4 RIS with Hurricane HK 417 stock and at the bottom is a stock JG HK 416.

In comparison to either of my TM M4ís the HK 416 is five inches shorter in length.

The JG HK 416 like the real steel counter part does not come with any form of carrying handle, however it does come with a rear sight that is mounted and easily removed from the RIS with the twist of a screw, the metal sight itself has 4 selectable sized holes to view though, each hole is engraved with a number below it ( 1-4 ) and selection is as simple as twisting the sight itself left or right to select the hole you wish to use.

I have only fired a few rounds through at this time, but have used the JG high cap that was included with the gun, Tm mid caps, King Arms mid caps and even a CA high cap with out any feeding issues. I do not posses a chronograph but JG claims this gun has a spring that is comparable to an M120 and JG has been known to produce their guns to fire out of the box at 350 or higher. This AEG specifically though I believe is suppose to shoot at speeds between 390 and 400fps with a .20g BB. Until I test other wise or someone else with a chronograph can correct me this information will stand as is.

The take down of the JG HK 416 is exactly like the take down of any other armalite. If you want to access the mechbox, you remove the pistol grip, remove the stock, the buffer tube and the screw inside the buffer tube, you pop out both body pins and you remove the upper receiver and barrel assembly just like any other airsoft armalite. But for simplicity sake, I only have for you a picture of the AEG with the upper receiver and barrel assembly removed.

A quick video of me removing the upper reciever, the camera adds 20lbs. I swear my arms are not that fat, Im really quite average!
YouTube - Take down

Upon removing the mechbox you will find that the mechbox of this gun itself is black. Supposedly it is a clone of the systema V2 mechbox, which at this point is unconfirmed. Without opening the mechbox and having a peek inside we can see that there is a decent amount of grease inside the piston and cylinder. I do not find this surprising as I have heard in the passed that JGís are very heavily greased out of the box, but this is surprisingly good. The springs color is silver, the cylinder appear color is silver as well and the piston appears to be white, the same white as a TM piston, sort of that yellowy beige like white, the air seal nozzle appears to be a clone of a TM, the hop up is a two piece hop up similar to that of TM design, I am assuming it is a clone of a TM hop up and is of course accessed via the ejector port via pulling the charging handle. I apologize for the lack of additional information but at this time I have not opened the mechbox to tinker with the insides and will not be doing so until a later time. So at this time I can only offer you the information that I can surmise from simple inspection.

Before I proceed to my conclusion here are simple thoughts about the AEG

-Yes the plastic body creaks a little bit, but for the price I paid its more than ok considering another brand of HK 416 costs many many times more than what I paid for this.

-The stock doesnít wobble as people say it does, at least mine doesnít.

-The gun is somewhat front heavy but once a battery has been installed the weight difference isnít bad.

Things I liked:

-The pistol grip has a very comfy feel to it.

-No feeding issues with TM, KA or CA mags.

-Decent price

-Good ROF and FPS out of the box

Things I would change/ didnít like :

-Replace existing stock with Hurricane HK 417 stock

-Replace the current body pins with King Arms brand ones that have the threaded screw ends.

-Needs metal bushings

-Bad shimming, requires a shim job.

- The amount of grease inside the gun, to much in cylinder not enough in the gears.

-The fact that my flash hider is missing the little tiny screw that holds it to the barrel.

I have to say that the JG made HK 416 is a very decent gun at a very decent price.
I paid 360.00 Canadian and donít regret a single penny spent, its very user/newer person friendly.
Given the fact that this was my first JG and I was expecting a lot less than what I got, I am very pleasantly surprised that it was good as it was, all things considered being a clone itís still good in my books.

I am giving this JG HK 416 an unofficial 7 out of 10. The reason for this being I havenít had a chance to open up the mechbox.

This gun gets gets the TokyoSeven SG wallet friendly seal of approval

Questions? Comments? Any input is appreciated.

*Update* Mechbox Information

The mechbox itself as we have seen in previous pics is black on the outside, however the metal the mechbox is made of is not all black itself, I believe its just painted on the outside.

Hey folks, like I promised for this weekend, I have taken apart the gun. But Ive got bad news! The mechbox is held together with a size of torx screw that I dont have have in my tool box! Im gona have to hit up homedepot and find the size so the opening of this mechbox is delayed until I can find the size I need.

Taking down the gun was fairly simple. Here is a pic of all the loose parts.

After removing the motor and giving it a good inspection, as far as I can tell it looks like a clone of the TM EG100.

I removed the bottom cover plate on the pistol grip expecting to find the traditional disk that the elevations crew pushes on to raise the motor up and down. Instead I found that the cover plate itself looked like it had a built in cover push plate.

The wiring doesnít appear to be anything fancy, just youíre straight up regular wiring, rewired to the end and there is a telephone style cord that leads down the buffer tube to the stock.

Well time for the mechbox, its all black, and has the letters SB shallowly engraved into the side of the mechbox, and unfortunately this mechbox does not come with metal bushings! Repeat! No metal bushings, these appear to be the standard plastic or rubber ones that come with a stock TM mechbox. If you can see inside the mechbox where the spring is, you will see a large silvery hunk of metal, thatís the spring guide! It appears to be fully solid metal spring guide. So at least we know that wonít be snapping. The piston from what I can tell simply looks like a clone of a stock TM. With out being able to open the mechbox I canít really say anything else.

Here is a shot of the other side of the mechbox. Nothing to fancy, and as far as I can tell the selector plate appears to be identical to that of a stock TM one.

Thatís all I have for now. More when I can get the damn mechbox open.

UPDATE!!Got the fucking thing open, heres an short but semi sweet overview of the parts.

Alright folks its time to have a look at this bastards insides, first off lets have a look at the gears that come with it. On the left hand side you will see a set of TM stock gears, to the right you will the gears that come with the JG HK 416. Can you spot the difference?

Ok, if you didnít notice it, lets go in and have a closer look at the motor gear that comes with the HK416.

The motor gear that comes with the 416 has a bearing in it. I have no idea why, perhaps to reduce wear or something. I didnít build the damn thing donít ask me why. Moving along lets have a look at the spring guide. In a stock TM the spring guide is a black plastic peg with a silver metal ring. For the JG HK 416 it is a large solid hunk of metal. What kind of metal? Who knows!

A closer look at the tappet plates shows that they are essentially identical TM on the left and JG on the right.

Lets take a second and have a quick comparison as the pistons and piston heads that with the two guns.

The white one below is a stock TM, it is made of plastic and isnít anything to special, defiantly nothing to write home about. Above is the JG and its some form of polycarbonate material, the piston head is also made of the same material. The material itself has the same feeling as that of a systema polycarbonate piston but I can not speak on how sturdy it is, although it does feel very sturdy. Both come with the standard single metal tooth. Taking a glance on the inside for what holds the piston head on we have on the left hand side, the stock TM where the piston head threads into the little metal nub we have here, and on the left hand side we have what looks like a bearing and screw that threads through the piston into the piston head for the JG.

Finally the last thing look at today is the air seal nozzle; on the left we have a TM stock nozzle, and on the right we have the JG HK 416 systema clone nozzle.

Thats about it folks, any questions please let me know. I apologise on the timing it took me to get this done. I work and I am a full time student with a small but still entertaining social life.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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