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As per quote from the website
" It means it actually wont be a virus but a virus pattern. It is triggered by some code involving IFRAME or eval(unescape(") method). The best you can do in this situation is add the file to Quarantine and let it be there"

It may not be a virus yet, but it could be someday. Prudent course of action is best over possibly leaving a backdoor open.

Mac doesnt support any of the logitech devices I use.
Macs have only recently gained the ability to be upgraded.
But for less than the cost of a brand new iMac, I can swap out my mother board,processor,add more ram and even upgrade my video card.
first id like to apologize to drache for this hijack of his thread.
macs are powerful when you order them. and yes u can and have been able to upgrade them.
im using a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse right now and its working 100%
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