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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post

AA's prices are quite a bit higher than Ken's. Ken is a great guy and his prices have stayed consistent throughout the years. There hasn't really been any 'cheaper' sources of airsoft aside from ASCA.
Umm... you're picking a small series of words out of my sentence there and making it sound like I said something else... my FULL quote in its proper context was:

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister
Ken doesn't carry any of the low end brands the other 2 carry other than KJW GBBs, and IMO, 007s prices are way too high.
I was directly comparing the price of KJW pistols between A&A, shootsoft and 007. Ken's KJW prices are significantly higher.

Shootsoft: $275
A&A: $283
007: $350

KJW P226
A&A: $294
007: $375

This is what I was comparing.

In general, 007 is cheaper for AEGs. However, A&A cost less on just about everything.
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