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Ok another cheap weapon that most will classify as crapsoft. I picked up the TSD VSR-10 or SD700 to give it a try for the price. The version I got did not come with a scope or bipod. It can come in Black, wood, or OD. I got the black.

First Impression
The box seemed kind of small but upon opening it I realized the gun came disassembled which was fine. The rifle looked ok although upon closer inspection the stock seemed to have that plastic shine like most lower to mid end airsoft guns due. Not sure how to fix this just yet.

The barrel section was metal and damn heavy which is nice. It also had a nice texture like it should. Sadly it comes with an orange tip which can be unscrewed to add a silencer or painted black.

The sling that came with it was total junk. Just throw it away or give it to some kid lol. Mine didn't come with a scope or bipod although it did come with two 30 round mags.

There is a rail on the top for mounting a scope as well as a rail underneath near the front for mounting a bipod.

Everything on this gun is metal where it should be.

The mags are kind of annoying to fill with BBs and even though it came with a speedloader, it doesnt have any place to actually fit to like it does with AEG mags. Once the mag is filled though press the mag release button and slap the mag in straight and you are good to go.

When I first pulled the bolt back it surprised me! The box states the gun fires at 430-450 fps with .2s and mine shot at 430 fps for the 4 shots I tested it with! The gun does have the slight flaw with the blot having to be pushed the entire way forward or the trigger cannot be pulled.

I must say the loudest part of this gun is the cocking of the bolt. Whenthe trigger is pulled a very soft clack is heard and the BB starts flying.

The hopup control is located at the very end of the stock on the left hand side (like the MP5-SD6 hopup controls). With .2s my hopup is all the way down and the BBs are still flying up so .25s are recommended.

Cant really test this until I get a bag of .25s and a scope although at 100 feet with .2s I have to aim 1/2 an inch below the bullseye with the end of the barrel to hit it dead center.

EDIT: Well I took it out anyways and I will say this, out of 30 shots 3 went flying off to the left or right about 4 inches but that is due to the BBs, and the went were straight on just a little high due to being only .2s. At least 150 feet, I can hit a head sized object usually within my first shot or two and that is without sights of any kind.

I'll edit this again when my scope arrives in a week. If I could find a cheap bipod that hooks to a rail Id be really happy!

TM Compatibility
This I havent been able to try at all since no one around here has a TM VSR that I can borrow. If someone has a cheap TM VSR mag they want to sell me please let me know so I can at least try that.

so overall for the $213 it cost me shipped to my door I cant say that Im disappointed in it. Just like the Kraken AK this would be a good starter weapon. I dont expect the internals to be as high quality as TM but with a springer, there arent too many to worry about.

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