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In my opinion

you should not do a piece about "airsoft" the piece should be focused on the activity.. and the community.. not the guns...

I have a little experience with dealing with the press.... the results have been "uneven" at best...

The best pieces don't mention the word "airsoft"

I really don't like the term "airsoft", its Jargon.. and has no meaning outside of our community...

I really hate it when people call themselves "airsofters" or say they are going "airsofting"

I think such terms are a holdover from paintball... an activity that most try to distance themselves from

Tactical simulation... or military simulation is more descriptive.. and takes the focus away from the tools..

that said.. it is very dificult to cast this activity with a positive light... we are simulating shooting people after all.

I'm not shy of the press.. but I'm not going to go around seeking them out..
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