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I don't think enough retailers will pop up to really affect prices all that much, at least in the short term. In order for A&A or 007 to have any incentive to drop their prices, there will have to be more competition offering the same products they are offering.

For the time being, 007 and A&A have only each other as competition. They offer a wide selection of brands and models geared at all levels of players. While I welcome and support LeGros with shootsoft, his current line of products is geared at entry-level players. And when you consider the price of, say, the GBBs, they're not significantly cheaper than A&A. ($275 for a KJ M9 at shootsoft, $283 at A&A). Shootsoft's CYMA AEGs are only on average about $15 cheaper than A&A. That's not enough to really make the market more competitive.

But it is enough to give buyers more options and brands, particularly in the low-end, but decent quality starter market, where A&A come up short in terms of selection. A&A seem to sell a lot of the Palco Firepower guns that tend to be really shitty guns that break down easily. Shootsoft carries a decent selection of JG guns, which are of much better quality, and has a better selection than A&A.

And Shootsoft also carries DBoys, which A&A doesn't have. From the research I've done, Dboys seems to make damn good starter guns for a good price, including some nice all-metal guns, and those aren't available anywhere else in Canada, at least from online retailers.

So having more choice is a good thing, but I doubt that in the short term it will make much of a difference in terms of lowering prices across the board. That would only happen if all retailers were carrying the same lines of products or many more retailers popped up offering products that the others carried at cheaper prices. That would force the others to have to either match the lower prices or beat them in order to compete.

And yes, I did pretty much leave 007 out of this, since Ken doesn't carry any of the low end brands the other 2 carry other than KJW GBBs, and IMO, 007s prices are way too high. Besides, he hasn't had them in stock for some time now, so it doesn't really apply. The only real competion has at the moment is A&A. That's not enough to make a real difference. At least not in the short term.
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