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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
It's 500 FPS OR a certain Joule limit.

To get an airsoft to that limit with a .2 gram BB you'd need to be shooting 720 FPS

(If I remember correctly, don't quote me on this.)
For the records, you are partially correct, it is not "OR" but rather both.
First it is a limit of 5.7 joules, and if it is over this, then they chrony it. The calculation is done with measurements taken at muzzle.
So correctly... 5.7 joules (or more) and over 500 fps >>> is considered a fire arm.

The second half of your statement is correct Amos.

Originally Posted by ChiefInTrees View Post
Even a +$600 airsoft sniper rifle would struggle to have the accuracy of a sub $100 BB or pellet gun.
....Don't even get me started. I'm just gonna sit back and let people think what they want about accuracy at range with a sniper rifle...


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