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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
You know NOTHING about sniping, do ya? lol
When I lived in The US I had an upgraded CA M24 and a stock M700. I didn't have them for long before they were sold when I moved here. But I can't say that I don't know anything.

Sending a spinning ball of plastic weighing in at a featherlight .25g, .36g, .46g downrange at 450-500fps is anything but accurate. A squirl fart or a leaf can divert a round enough to miss the target.

Even a +$600 airsoft sniper rifle would struggle to have the accuracy of a sub $100 BB or pellet gun.

For someone who watches movies and plays videogames and never has used an airsoft rifle, sniping can be quite disappointing. The major advantage is being silent. But when a scatter burst from an AEG is just as effective if not more at hitting targets at range, sniping, like Stalker said, it has its times.
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