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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
Steam Whistle... or maybe Guinness
I'm listening...........

Originally Posted by Razzberry View Post
Im not exactly sure but i know the movies and video games have completely romanticized snipers. The truth is that you and your spotter, or in the canadian forces 3 man sniper teams lie for hours even days and wait. You cant really move at all. Thats about it.
True, but airsoft sniping has about as far as a gap as ANYTHING real world vs. airsoft goes. Airsoft snipers don't have the luxury of sitting around for three to four days wainting for a target, and that would be a failure in real ife as well. Snipers, real world and airsoft, are best left to their own judgement, and if a target is assigned as a mission objective, they don't sit and wait for days/hours unless they KNOW the target will present themselves in that cone of observation area. Snipers are genreally trusted to sort their own position out, what best works for the mission objectives and for the team. Camping for hours on end is nothing more than a hidden guard, and is a superior waste of a sniper's skills and training. And that directly applies to airsoft as well. CF snipers are literally placed in harms way, and are there for a reason. They don't camp out on a mountainside for no reason other than to watch out for possible enemy troops walking around, and if so, chances are they'd be there only to watch farmers for a week solid. Total waste of resources (which acutally DOES happen BTW.) Takes a commander with great amounts of sniper knowledge (and training) to fully utilize a sniper to their best effect for the mission. 90% of the time commanders haven't got a fucking clue how to use a sniper team at all. Again, real world and airsoft suffer the same.
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