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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
How much booze do I need to bring to get someone to do this?
Who's buying and what type? I'll do it, although I won't be singing. I'll hire someone to sit in my place while I sit in the staging area drinking. Remember, the key to being a successful airsoft sniper is to deny even being on the field. Lmfao!

And the key to being a GODLY airsoft sniper is to have other players blame YOU for kills you didn't do, but you got accused of doing by other snipers. Odd as it is, SniperChic smacked a guy's goggles at 200ft during a game, and she heard "Fuck!! STALKER YOU ASSHOLE!!!!" I heard about this later, it's been an ongoing joke between her and myself for almost two years now. Best part, if I was 500-700ft away at that point, and I got credit for the kill................
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