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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
It's 500 FPS OR a certain Joule limit.

To get an airsoft to that limit with a .2 gram BB you'd need to be shooting 720 FPS

(If I remember correctly, don't quote me on this.)
Must be 500fps AND 5.7 Joules or over to be considered a firearm in this country. AND being the critical factor. But you got the rest right, around 720-740fps with a 0.20g BB.

New guy (jaa) asking about sniping, it's almost useless in airsoft unless used properly. Camping really plays a very minor part (less than 5% as far as I'm concerned) in the game. Now, stalking forward and slipping into a position undetected and radioing intel back to base/commander/teammates IS a very useful part of being an airsoft sniper, as well as the sniper working alone and playing psychological warfare games with the other team, a couple silent BBs out of now where, spaced a period of time apart (like 2mins or 10mins), really can fuck with a group of guys, sometimes even tying them up for a half hour AFTER the sniper left the area.

No airsoft rifle can hit a pop can at 300ft, unless it's shit luck and lots of plastic downrange to repeat it. Even if the gun is well over 600-650fps with a 0.20g BB, it's literally a hit or miss thing, heavy on the miss. Some brag they can do it, but Mother Nature trumps them pretty much every time unless lucky, due to the nature of airsoft having much more in common with musketballs than bullets.

Minimum distance? Depends on the rifle and what it's shooting, for me with my 500fps w/0.20g BB M24, it's literally 100ft minimum (unless conditions are perfect and I can take a 99.9% safe shot on a chest rig or peice of webbing, I might take an 80ft shot), but I've had many times I've decided not to take a shot on a person even at 100ft simply because it didn't feel right to me. And I've backed off at times to a bit more comfortable distance for me to shoot someone. Hence the amount of respect and leeway I get at most games. I'd really fucking cautious who and what distance I take my shots at. Of course I'm more hunter than camper, and my rifle is ALWAYS on my back as a special use gun, it's never my primary. My primary is always either my MK23 or one of my MP5s.

And spotters are just asskissers, they make the sniper feel warm inside like a security blanket on their cheek, and not lonely. To me spotters are one thing I can't control, and often get me in shit. I get in shit just fine by myself, but I like having my mistakes as my own, and not someone who wasn't careful while following me around. Personally, I'm much happier and more successful on my own than I am with a spotter.

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